Aircon Repair Service

Is your air conditioner running but not cooling or maybe water is dripping from your indoor unit, this is the perfect time to contact an expert to assist you in repairing your air conditioner.

Home Aircon Repair Service in Pretoria

Home Aircon Repairs

Is your airon running but not cooling sufficiently, trips the circuit breaker or there is water dripping from your indoor unit onto the floor, you should really contact us !

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Portable Aircon Repair Service in Pretoria

Portable Aircon Repairs

When your portable aircon trips a circuit breaker or is running but does not cool sufficiently you should contact us because we can fix the problem the same day.

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Aircon Repair Service in Pretoria

AC Aircon Regas specialises in repairing of all makes and models of home and portable aircon's. Make use of our aircon repair service to get your air conditioner up and running the same day and prevent getting caught by the extreme summer heat. If you need more information or want to book a repair, please feel free to contact Anthonie Botha.


Anthonie Botha (083) 619-8064

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